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American Election Odds

With the American Election round the corner, everyone is eager to know who is going to become the next president of the White House after Barak Obama.

The two main contestants for the 2016 American elections are Donald Trump who is representing the Republican Party, and Hillary Clinton is the chief representative of the Democratic party.

Ladbrokes Political Betting Odds

There is a general public opinion that Hillary Clinton is most likely to become the next as well as the first lady President of the White House.

This is really going to create history in the whole of America as well as the world. Everyone is looking forward to who will become the forty-fifth President of America?


The Republican Convention and the Sudden Change in the Whole Scenario


Hillary Clinton has been able to maintain a stable position as the leading candidate till the Republican convention started in full swing and suddenly changed the whole political scenario in their favour.

Donald Trump managed to close the wide gap that prevailed for a long time between him and Hillary.


American Election Odds


In less than a fortnight, Trump has been able to move up from plus two hundred and eighty seats to plus two hundred seats which are a commendable job.These are some of the American election odds that happen from time to time.


Hillary Clinton is Predicted to Become the Next President of America


The former secretary of state and the wife of ex-president Clinton Hillary are predicted to become the next president of America.

Hillary was able to gather a large number of delegates that allowed her to win the nomination much before the Democratic convention.



At the time Bernie Sanders was her arch rival who took a vow to lead his campaign up to Cleveland. However on the fourteenth of June Sanders lost to Hillary by a heavy margin.

It has been predicted since then that Hillary Clinton is most likely to become the next president of the United States of America.


The State of California and Its Role in the 2016 Elections


Both the democratic and Republican candidates have been trying all sorts of things to create the right kind of impression with their rallies and slogans.

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Both the parties are trying to capture this Golden state however the Democrats are much ahead of the Republicans.  


Bernie Sanders was the Main Opposition of Hillary


Within the Democratic Party the main opposition that Hillary's faces were from Bernie Sanders who also wanted to become a Presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

However on the 14th of June after losing out to Hillary with a huge margin Bernie has been actively taking part in party campaigns all over California and in other states to help Hillary to become the next President of America.



Very recently in a party convention in Philadelphia Sanders took to the podium and requested the youth and others to vote in favour of the Democrats and help Hillary to win the elections. Bernie even spoke to them about the dangers that.

America would find itself in Donald trump of the Republican Party became the president.


The Fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is Getting Close


With the election date drawing closer the fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is drawing closer. The election date is the 8th of November, and both the parties are working relentlessly to win and make their representative the next president of America.


Odds On American Election


Still, there is a high speculation that Hillary Clinton will become the next President of America. Nonetheless ever since the Republican convention started Donald has been receiving tremendous popularity which is becoming a cause of real concern for the Democrats as a whole.

Speculations will continue to go on until the elections are held, and the results will be declared.


Hillary Clinton Placed as Large Odds on Favourite to Win the Elections


With the Republican convention running in full swing and The Democratic convention just round the corners, Hillary is looked upon as the favourite candidate to win the presidential elections.

Hillary and her team were relieved when the FBI made a public statement in which they said that the use of personal emails by the former secretary of state was not a criminal offence even though she did display some form of carelessness in her behaviour.


Donald Trump the Republican Representative


Donald trump which is a billionaire and a media mogul is the representative of the Republican Party.



He has become the chief representative of the Republican Party following Ted Cruz and John Kasich who suspended their campaigns in the month of May.


The Importance of This Election


The election for the year 2016 is really going to be very different from earlier elections, and the results will have an impact on the entire world along with the United States of America.

The entire world is looking forward to this year’s election. There are a lot of America's election odds that claim that Hillary Clinton is the favourite candidate and has every possibility to win this year’s election with a huge majority.


America's Election Odds


The odds on American elections are making continuous efforts to gauge the pulse of the American people and make an accurate prediction about the results.


The Impact that the Election Results Will Have in General


As the American Economy has a bearing upon the entire economy of the world, therefore the results that this 2016 election will produce will affect the whole world.

It has been observed that Donald Trump has an intense dislike for the Islamic community and has branded Saddam Hussein as a bad guy. If he becomes the President of America, then they could be much bloodshed and attacks. 

If Hillary becomes the President, then she too will create history by becoming the first lady President of the United States of America.

Politicians all across the world are looking forward to knowing who the next president of the USA becomes. All that one can do is pray that the best person wins and wait till the results are declared.


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