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Politics today has become exciting, and everyone wants to get involved in one way or another. As a result, bookmakers came up with the Betfair Election Odds where a pundit can choose their candidates and bet on them.

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At Betfair, a player can choose to bet on the UK politics, US politics or the Irish politics. The Betfair election odds will vary for each candidate with the most popular having the lowest odds.

This article will give you the latest odds at Betfair and the current information on the positions of candidates taking part in the elections. For your welfare, practice responsible gambling. 


The US Politics


The US politics has attracted many players to take part in betting. The key players to watch in this oncoming elections are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


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The two candidates are representatives of Democrats and the Republican Party respectively. Latest Betfair election analysis indicates that Hillary is losing the contest against Trump due to her focus on the search of a running mate while his opponent focuses on law and order.

Current Betfair election odds shows that Hillary Clinton is likely to win the presidential elections with odds of 1.43 while Trump has the odds of 11/5.

Her choice of her running mate will greatly affect the odds, and the two likely candidates are Tim Kaine, the former governor of Virginia and Mr. James Starvridis, a retired 4-star admiral.

Trailing behind the Democrat, Donald Trump odds currently stand at 3.2 or 11/5. He was recently crowned as the flag-bearer of the Republican Party at Cleveland.

His odds will be affected especially with the recent scandal where his wife Melania was accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech. It led to an uproar on the social media, and that might affect Trump's public image.



As a player, when analysing the odds, get the current information on the politicians to know their popularity. Other politicians involved in the US elections are Bernie Sanders with odds of 109/1 and Joe Biden with odds of 159/1 among others.

Players can also go further and bet on the congressional elections at the Betfair election app. Other exciting options under the US political arena are the US presidential election turnout and the next Supreme Court Justice.

Make sure that you get the current information on all participants and their activities before placing the bet. Some might pull out of the race while others might be involved in scandalous activities thus tarnishing their image and losing trust from the public.


The UK Politics


The UK political arena too offers exciting betting opportunities for players. Using the Betfair election map, one can check the odds for various candidates or the outcome of an event.


Betfair Election Odds


The recent exciting betting opportunities in the UK are the likelihood of an election in 2016. The Betfair election odds on this category are 6.8 for £12 on yes, and those opposing the likelihood of a general election for £25 will have an odd of 1.11.

The Article 50 trigger date also has exciting odds on your Betfair election app. The three selections available on this bet include: during 2016, between January and June, and not triggered before July 2017.

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The odds for backing during 2016 are 6.2 for £13 and 9.4 at £12. The Jan-Jun 2017 available odds are 1.69 for £102 for players who back this bet and 2.26 for £56 for those who will lay all.

The not triggered before July 2017 offer odds of 2.28 at £109 for those who will back the bet and odds of 2.7 for those who will lay all at £85.

You should take account of the recent political changes around. Under this bet on article 50 for instance, new developments show that Theresa May will not initiate the article 50 that will lead to UK leaving the EU before 2016 ends.

With the Betfair election app, you can also be able to bet on the candidate who will take over after May. The top contestant likely to glitch the seat is Jeremy Corbyn who is the only contestant for the Labour Leadership.



This newly acquired position was after Angela Eagle quit the race leaving Corbyn unopposed. The Betfair election map indicates that Jeremy has odds of 2.52 for £50 to those who will back the bet and 3.05 for those who will lay off their bet for £49.

Other selections include Boris Johnson with odds of 2 for those who back him and 10 for those who will lay off their bets. George Osborne, a former chancellor, has odds of 4 at £10 for those who will back the bet.

Other betting options under the UK politics are the party leader exit dates. Leaders included in this bet are Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Tim Farron, and Theresa May.

Under this Betfair election bets, you will be required to bet on a specific duration. For instance, those backing Jeremy to exit during Jan 2018-Mar 2018 have odds of 7.6 while those who lay the bet will have odds of 500. Check the Betfair election app for various candidates for more information.


Betting on Election Outcomes


The two kinds of betting that you will be limited to under election betting are the money line bets and the straight up bets.

Unlike sports, politics has a narrow range of options. In the money line bet option, you will be required to determine what amount of votes your candidate will win by in the elections.



For instance, you can choose to back Hillary Clinton to win the elections by say 55% of all votes that will be cast.

The straight up bet, on the other hand, is the most common type of election bet preferred by punters. Under this bet, you will be required to bet on the candidate who is likely to win the elections.

The most common candidates will have lower odds due to their high likelihood to win the elections. The Betfair election odds will vary from time to time due to the outcomes of candidates before the election date.


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