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Betting on Election Result

Betting on election result is an old activity that has been around for as long as the elections themselves. Earlier in the US election history, public betting and presidential elections activities were not only legalized, but they were also a huge activity that were recommended by the politicians and government.

In fact, the political polls and odds were determined by the betting activities for the public, which provided a valuable information for the country as they headed into the general election.

Almost 100 years ago, the presidential and political elections were a huge event as the Super Bowl event is nowadays. The public square was packed with constituents who would argue on who was the most suitable candidate to run the country, as well as waiting for the final results to see if they had won or lost the bets.

Some of these traditions may have been passed by time but betting on election result on who will become the next president is still a very popular market and activity among punters nowadays.

As the Americans and punters from all across the world become more engaged in the political landscape, the improved technology has made it sure that everyone has an opportunity of making a little money from it.

Through technology, people have the ability to be informed of various political events across the globe, enabling many of this people to use this information not only to make decisions, but to also participate in betting on election outcome and consequently make some money out of it.


Who are the various contenders of the POTUS post?


There is a huge difference between the two main parties in the US as well as the efforts that the two have put in their campaign. The Republicans, started off with a huge number of contestants who are yet to wilt in numbers.

The Democrats, on the other hand, started with only just a handful of contestants and have so far wilted down to just three candidates as we head to the November 8 elections.

As it stands, there are only two contestants to the POTIS post, with Hillary Clinton representing the democrats and Donald Trump representing the Republicans.

While Trump may be feeling invisible right now, he’s not supposed to forget that he is an underdog as people head into the general election.

Having been rated at odds of 9/4 by Ladbrokes, Hillary Clinton still remains the favorite to win the elections come November 8, at odds of 4/11, meaning your bet of £11 would earn you £14 inclusive of the stake.

In countries such as the United States, betting on election outcome is an illegal activity, though most people still go ahead and place their bets.

According to the Ladbrokes spokesman, he says that even though the British are the leading punters on betting on election result, there has been an increase in the number of US punters placing their bets on the New York City mogul.


So whom do the various bookmakers support for the vice president seat?


John Kasich, the Ohio Governor, was the last man standing against Donald Trump before he threw in the towels. He is the leading candidate for the Republican’s vice presidency at Ladbrokes odds of 4/1. Following closely, we have Chris Christie, who is the New Jersey governor, at odds of 6/1 to become VP.

With the Democrats party nomination still pending, Clinton will have to wait until then to choose her running mate. However, Ladbrokes predict that Julian Castro, the HUD secretary, to become her running mate come November at odds of 9/4.

Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator, and Tim Kaine, the Virginia senator all come in the second position as the favorites of becoming Clinton’s running mate come November at odds of 6/1.

For Donald Trump to have came all the way of being a Republican torchbearer underdog to the actual torchbearer means that he must have mended fences with so many people within the republican party.

At some point, he said that he genuinely wanted to unify the GOP – with some of the Republican bigwigs having already genuflected to him.

At one point for example, the Republican National Committee chair made a statement that it was time that the party embraced something different in order to beat the Democrats at the end. This was after he strongly opposed and disagreed with the nomination of Trump as the party torchbearer come November 8.

With the statement alone, there has been lots of positive changes in favor of Trump, and with six months to the general election, Trump has cut Hillary Clinton’s lead to a mere five points… Yes, just five points according to the polls.

Whether this is true or cooked up, its still unbelievable given the fact that at the time of his declaration for the interest for the POTUS seat, he was way behind Clinton.


Betting on Election Result


From my perspective of things and the trend of the US politics, I strongly recommend that you place a cheeky €100 bet on Trump to win the elections in November.

Some cheeky punters who may have been participating in betting on election outcome may have had a £100 on Clinton, £100 on Cruz (who was presumed as the favorite to win the Republican nomination) and a cheeky £100 outside bet on Donald Trump to win the election. They are now praying God that the Trump bet comes to pass!

Anyways, at this rate, you should expect a bloody 6-month clash of the titans between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – filled with a swamp’s worth of slander, nasty name-calling and of course billions of USD campaigns painting each other as the villain!

These fierce fights are most likely set to take place in the swing states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where the outcomes could have a key role in determining who wins!


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