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European Election: Betting Odds

There is no doubt, that politics is fully intertwined in our daily lives however much we might hate politics and consider it demeaning.

This is because it is the politicians who decide our future course of the economy, and the way we will be leading our daily lives.

They are supposed to represent the collective will of the people and act accordingly when it comes to discharging their duties and responsibilities.

Whether they do it diligently and properly is a question of debate, and there are thousands who believe that they are not doing justice to the reason for which they are being elected as the representatives of people.

Ofcourse, there are many popular and people friendly politicians who try their best to live up to the promise which they have made to their people.


European Election: Betting Odds


Whenever an election happens anywhere in the European Union or for that matter across the world, there is a lot of excitement which is generated.

While many just watch the election results and follow it up for curiosity and information sake, there are others who also bet on it.

Hence, there is no doubt that there is a big demand for the right European election odds because of obvious reasons.


European Election Odds


Hence, it would be interesting for bettors, punters and other such interested persons to know as to how bookmakers and other such service provider view the various aspects of European elections.

However, having the right and actionable EU election odds is not an easy job, and there are quite a few important factors that must be considered.

We will try and have a look at a few such odds based on possible election events across Europe which we are sure will provide interesting insight and the right information.


The Dutch General Election


As far as the year 2017 is concerned, the Dutch elections are creating quite a bit of interest for the Europeans in general. Hence, it would be interesting to find out what exactly is happening in this part of Europe and how betting European elections punters are looking at it.



As far as the Dutch elections are concerned, there are a few major parties who are supposed to be movers and shakers.

These include PVV or Party for Freedom, VVD which stands for People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, Labor Party – PVDA, Socialist Party – SP and much more. 

However, for choosing the main contenders, we could restrict ourselves to PVV and VVD. As far as the European election betting odds for Holland is concerned, it would be pertinent to mention that PVV has an odd of 4/6 which is quite good, to say the least.

Then we have VVD which also is close on the heels with an odd of 11/10 which perhaps is better than PVV in more ways than one.

Apart from the above, when it comes to answering the question as to whether Geert Wilders will win the 2017 elections, quite a few things come up as an answer.


EU Election Odds


The odds of 2/9 say that he is in a bit of bother as far as bookmakers and punters are concerned. In other words, the odds are 2/9 in favor of his not being able to be the Dutch PM in 2017.

On the other hand, the eyes in his favor come with an odd of 3/1 which also is quite interesting, to say the least. Hence, it is about waiting and watching for the D-day to come.


Which Country Will Leave EU Next?


With the Brexit result being what it is there is no doubt that betting on European elections has become highly uncertain, dynamic and fluid in more ways than one.

Hence, many bettors and punters are ready to stake money as to which will be the next country that will leave the European Union.

The top of the list of Greece with an odd of 2/1 and this certainly is sending shockwaves amongst many Europeans.

On the other hand, there are some others who feel that it is still early days and Greece would rather prefer staying in EU.



Furthermore, there are some bookmakers who believe that outside pressure would be brought to Greece to leave EU because it is a drain on their resource.

There are a few countries, likes Hungary, who have an odd of 16/1 meaning that though they are still favorably inclined towards being a part of the European Union, it might not be long before they also start having second thoughts about it.

On the other hand, there are countries like Luxemburg with an odd of 86/1 who are very strongly inclined towards being a part of the European Union.


What about the United Kingdom?


No EU betting or odd forecasting would be complete without talking about the United Kingdom. Though elections are quite far away as far as the UK is concerned, there are still many who would like to do some guesswork as far as UK European election betting is concerned.

It would be pertinent to have a look at some figures as far as odds percentages are concerned. Let us try and look at the upcoming by-elections because the general elections are still quite far away. The Manchester Gorton by Election is coming up shortly, and therefore it is generating some bit of interest.



According to the tipsters and bookmakers, the odds against the Labor party of 1/14 meaning that they are in a tough situation as far as this by-election is concerned.

On the other hand, the Liberal Democrats are surprisingly better placed with an odd of 7/1, and they have been able to push back Tories with an odd of 33/1 which certainly is a big surprise and perhaps even a shock for the Conservatives.




The above are just a few of the various possible odds as far as the European election scenario is concerned. It would be interesting to have a look at some major bookmakers like Paddy Power and Ladbrokes.

That would give the bettors a better perspective about the various types of odds that are possible for different regions and countries of the European Union.


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