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How to Bet on Politics (UK)?

If you are in the UK and closely following on the US politics, it is clear that indication that Donald Trump is shocking and proving his doubters wrong. But has all the nomination been fair and transparent?

The USA might be a democratic country, but their party presidential nomination process – when we look closer – is hardly a true reflection of the same.

For the major part of the USA history, their party nominations have been decided by dealmakers and political power brokers behind the doors. The parties are usually operated and run like they are some golf private clubs where rules are made by the members and outsiders are hardly welcomed in.

Until recently, there was no open system of caucuses and primaries that had been grafted onto the nomination process to allow or give an average American citizen an opportunity to say who should appear on the general election ballot box.

With this recent development, it is now possible to bet on politics whether you are from the UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Australia or Japan. Various top and renown bookmakers have made it possible to bet on politics UK and from across the world as long as they offer their services in your geographical region.


How to Bet on Politics (UK)?


For the remaining part of the article, we are going to look on how to bet on politics UK players and those from Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Scotland.

This is because we shall be focusing entirely on the Match Betting system, which requires that you use at least the sign up bonus that is mainly offered to players from the mentioned countries.

The first thing that you need to do is choose an online sports bookmaker or casino that offers the welcome bonus. Go through the site and check it up in the various online casino review websites to ensure that it is a legitimate casino. After that, register by creating an account with the site.

Once you are done registering, make a deposit to your account. There are various methods that you can use but the easiest and most convenient methods include the use of eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash among many others.

To bet on Politics UK, you will now have to use the money and make a select your most likely or preferred US presidential nominee who you think will win the race. In most cases, you can place a bet that ranges from €1 to €30,000 or the equivalent currency.

Placing your bet will then trigger the free bet depending on the amount you shall have placed. Different casinos will offer you different bets that you can use to bet on politics UK with the majority offering you up to 100% match bonus.


What are the different markets that you can bet on?


There are various betting options available at the site. Good example of the various markets available at Paddy Power online casino. Furthermore, they also have the singles bet where you can choose the outright winner of the event.


How do you bet on the various markets?


Well, there are various ways that you can decide to use when placing a bet. In our case, we are going to consider the Matched Betting option where you reduce the risk of losing your cash by using the 100% bonus that the casino offers you.

In most cases, it is usually referred to as “laying” or “backing” a bet.

When you “back” a political event, you will simply be supporting the fact that the presidential candidate will win the election come November. It is comparable to a bet that you could have placed in the ordinary casinos.

However, when you decide to “lay” a specific political event, you shall be opposing the event happening. In other words, you shall be opposing what you just said would happen.

In our examples above, we have various presidential candidates who are running for the oval office. If you decide to bet on politics that Donald Trump will be the next US presidential candidate at 5/2, then you will be backing him to occupy the oval office.

If he runs against Hillary Clinton at the end and he wins the elections, your bet will be paid out in full. If however, Hillary Clinton pipes Donald Trump and wins the election, you lose the bet and no money will be paid to you. 

Laying the bet will work differently to when you are backing the same bet. When laying a presidential candidate, you now take the responsibility of the bookmaker. If your bet prediction doesn’t go as planned, you will be required to pay just like the traditional bookmaker.

For example, if you back that Trump will win at the 5/2 odds and stake €100, you will be required to have an extra €100 that will cushion you against the loss in the event that Hillary Clinton wins the race to the Oval office. This will be your liability in the bet.

It is now evident why you need to have the bonus offer that the various online bookmakers offer. To some bookmakers, they limit this bonus to European countries, more specifically the UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.

However, if you wish to try your luck, you could visit any of the following sites and try staking a reasonable amount and cross your finger it happens on November 8 2016.

  • William Hill

  • Betfair

  • Betway

The three casinos are the ones with the best reputation in offering matched betting services online. They have very good odds as well as very good casino services.


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