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Ladbrokes: General Election Betting

Most people who are actively involved or following politics do enjoy betting on their favorite candidates on the various bookmakers today.

Ladbrokes Political Betting Odds

The Ladbrokes online bookmaker is a top notch site that offers general election betting. You can make a lot of money simply by backing up your favorite candidate and then betting on him or her.

Ladbrokes general election offers a number of options depending on the country.


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It will be advantageous if one gets to know the different odds and the various betting grounds one can choose from. Some of the Ladbrokes general election odds sections you can bet on are:


British Section


Under the British section, there are many options to go for. Some of them have been triggered by the recent events like the BREXIT and the exit of British PM among others. Some of the various sections available under British are:


Next General Election


This section of the Ladbrokes general election betting covers bets such as who will win most seats? Year of next general election, Labour vote share to rising/ fall, Conservative vote share to rise/fall and the general elections specials.

The conservatives have the lowest odds (1/3) under who will win most seats in the coming elections section.



It is the party with the majority members of the House of Commons today. The Labour party, which came as a result of trade union movement has odds of (3/1), is the second largest party with 230 members out of 650 in the House of Commons.

Other parties that have been listed for you are the UKIP (25/1), Liberal Democrats (25/1) and the Greens (200/1).


Next Labour Leader


The Ladbrokes general election betting under this section includes the two candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.

The Ladbrokes general election odds that Jeremy will win are 1/3. He has strong support from the party members making him the probable candidate for the position.

As a result, his odds to win are low. His counterpart, Owen Smith, first voted in 2010 as the Member of Parliament for Pontypridd has odds of 9/4. Having been a member of the Labour party since 16, he trails behind making it difficult to beat Jeremy.

Other categories in the Ladbrokes general election betting are the Corbyn vote share % which includes the under 40% with odds of 20/1 among others.

The next permanent Labour leader includes Keir Starmer, John McDonnel, Clive Lewis and much more. Clive has the lowest odds of 8/1 since he is the candidate likely to take the position.


ladbrokes general election betting



American Section


The American politics too offers thrilling betting options. Various Ladbrokes general election constituency betting covers sections like the 2016 election winner, the republican state wins, US election specials and the Electoral College votes.

The 2016 presidential elections in the US have brought up 5 candidates who hope to win come November. With the lowest odds, Hillary Clinton (2/11) is the candidate likely to take over after Barrack Obama. Billionaire, Donald Trump (4/14) comes in second as the flag-bearer of the Republican Party.


ladbrokes general election odds


When you place your bet on Hillary Clinton, say $1000, and she wins the election, you will receive $444 extra making a total of $1,444.

The US election Specials also offers interesting Ladbrokes general election constituency betting options.


ladbrokes general election constituency betting


For instance, there is a bet where you will predict Gary Johnson to win more than 10% of the popular vote. The specials section also covers the popular vote winner loses in the Electoral College with odds of (12/1). This odds imply that when you place a bet of $20, your potential total return will be $260.

Under the Electoral College votes, the options are divided as per the number of votes a candidate is likely to obtain. For instance, the odds that Clinton will get more than 410 votes are 8/1 while the likelihood that she gets between 310-329 votes is 6/1. Before choosing any of them, make sure to follow changing trends in the political field.


Requirements to Join Ladbrokes General Election Betting


According to the law in the UK, for one to be termed as an eligible player, they have to be of the age of 18 years and above. This law is strictly enforced by all bookmakers. Secondly, you will be required to create an account at the Ladbrokes site.

It is essential that you check the terms and conditions that you will be required to accept before you complete your registration.

Finally, you need to be from a country which has been granted access to the site. Countries that have been blocked from accessing gambling site include Nigeria, Chile, and China among others.

When you experience difficulties while gambling at the site, you can contact the casino through the telephone betting: 0800 777 888 and the customer support: 0800 731 6191


Payment Options in Ladbrokes


Several options are available at the Ladbroke general election casino. They include MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfer, NETELLER, PaySafeCard, EntroPay among other payment methods.

Each method that you will opt will charge you a fee. Therefore, make sure that you choose one that you can afford and avoid frequent transactions when gambling. You will be required to submit your correct accounting details when depositing and withdrawing from the casino.

Depending on the method you will choose, you will have to wait for a few days or working hours before cash can reflect in your account after withdrawing.  


Mobile Betting


The Ladbrokes general election section is also available through the major mobile platforms today. To access the application, you will have to access the application store on your device and then search for Ladbrokes.


mobile betting


Before downloading the application, ensure that you have completed any pending updates and that your device has enough storage space. The application will also require an internet connection, and that will require you to have an internet plan.

For safety purposes, ensure that you log out after every session since mobile phones exchange hands and are also prone to be stolen. You can also lock the application to prevent unwanted access.


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