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Latest Odds on General Election

Election outcomes offer good opportunities for bookmakers to create a betting pool. There are a number of political occurrences, and most people have started to bet on them. The latest odds on next general election will vary from time to time depending on the political heat of the candidate or the party.


William Hill: Politics Betting


William Hill is a leading betting company that offers services in the UK and beyond. The casino offers markets that range from country to country. They also offer to sign up bonuses, but you will be prompted to key in the promotion code.



Some of the markets offered by William Hill politics betting are:


UK Market


The United Kingdom market a wide pool to bet on. The latest odds general election varieties available are:
General Election Result: the general election result includes the conservative majority, the liberal democrat majority, UKIP majority, No overall majority and the Labour Majority.

The latest odds general election on the conservative majority is 2.20. This is odd is profitable since when you place $100, and they win, then you will receive $220.


general election


Currently, the conservative union leader is Theresa May MP after the exit of Cameron. It holds the lowest latest odds on the election since they hold the majority of the seats in the House of Commons.

The No Overall Majority has odds of 2.37. Labour Majority has odds of 5.00 while the UKIP majority odds stand at 51.00. Most Seats in General Election: this section of the latest odds on next general election will require you to bet on the party that will obtain most seats in the House of Commons.

The latest odds on the election for the conservatives is 1.36 while the greens have odds of 151.00.
When will the next election take place: this bookmaker has odds ranging from 2016 to 2020.


US Market


There are many activities that are taking place in the US political arena today. At the William Hill casino, there two markets to choose from.

You can opt to pick the Next US President Market that has participants like Hillary Clinton (1.14), Donald Trump (5.50), Joe Biden (51.00), Paul Ryan (841.00), Gary Johnson (251.00) and Mitt Romney (201.00).


latest odds on election


There is a likelihood that the latest odds on the election for a candidate like Hillary Clinton will lower as the election date nears.

It is not automatic but will depend on her political strategy at that moment.
The second market under the US section is the bet on the winning party. The democrats have odds of 1.44 while the republicans have 2.75 and the Independent candidates have odds of 51.00.

Recent polls show that the Democrat spearheaded by Hillary Clinton have a high chance to win hence the low latest odds on next general election.


Ladbrokes: Politics Betting


The Ladbrokes politics betting platforms offer the British, American, Irish, Scottish and French markets.

The British market is the largest with up to 6 submarkets. When betting on the British elections in this bookmaker, the markets to choose from are party leaders, next prime minister, next general elections, next mayor, cabinet positions and election specials.

The main political parties in this section include the Labour party, which holds the majority seats, followed by the Liberals and finally the Democratic Unionist. These parties have attracted a number of participants hence the number of candidates to stake on. For instance, in the labour party, the likelihood that Owen Smith will win the position is 9/4.

The next latest odds on elections under the next prime minister market have attracted 5 participants. Jeremy Corbyn is the leading member who is likely to replace the current Prime Minister Theresa May.


latest odds on next general election


Under the specials section, the bookmaker offers interesting odds that are worth considering. You will be given a chance to bet on an instance like the likelihood of another referendum on EU before 2020 with odds of 3/1.

Take into consideration current news concerning each market before placing your stake. Political bets can take a turn overnight, therefore, making you lose the bets.


How to Bet on Latest Odds?


The bookmakers online have made it possible for one to pick a number of markets. You can choose to back or to lay off your bet in these sites. In general, only two types of betting are allowed; the money line and straight up bets.

The straight up bets are preferred by most punters as one simply bets on a candidate they prefer. In the US section, for instance, a straight up bet can be betting on Donald Trump to win the coming elections.



The money line bets, on the other hand, have higher stakes but quite hard to predict. In this case, you will be required to predict what amount your candidate will win with.

The presidential market which covers the US has attracted many contenders who are ready to replace Barrack Obama.

The leading candidate under the Democratic Party is the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton who is yet to pick her VP. Polls to show that the business mogul and billionaire Donald Trump is the second under the Republican Party.

His choice for the vice president nominee is the Indiana governor Mike Pence.
Other parties that have shown interest in the seat are the Constitutional party of the US led by Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley as the vice president nominee.

The libertarian party is led by the former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as the vice presidential nominee.


What to Look at, when Betting on the Latest Odds on Election?


When betting on elections, make sure that you check the latest odds on election and markets offered by the various bookmakers.



When choosing your candidate to bet on, read the news and gather enough information as for some participant it will be easy for them to glitch the positions. Such bets can make you a lot of money and therefore do enough research before settling on your bet.

When betting on parties, on the other hand, check their current strengths in their respective parliaments to know their likelihood to win. Read and follow bookmakers for more updates on latest odds general election.

When betting on parties, on the other hand, check their current strengths in their respective parliaments to know their likelihood to win. Read and follow bookmakers for more updates on latest odds general election.


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