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Mike Smithson: Political Betting

Prowess in the political betting market is largely dependent on the information you have gathered from different sources concerning the elections.

The political betting site started by a former BBC employee Mike Smithson offers the best tips for betting on politics in the UK and beyond countries.

There is vast information that you can get at the site concerning political betting and a political map to support the research.


Analyzing Political Arena


Political temperatures change every day across the UK, US, and Europe. Platforms like the news and the social media ensure that the information is passed on in real time.

There are many online bookmakers who have introduced the political betting market. The betting options seen today are a clear indicator of how fast the politics are changing.

Currently, in the UK, political betting is a fast growing sector for many bookmakers. The online political betting arenas are slowly replacing the revered opinion polls that indicated the progress of the politicians as well as their political coverage.


Mike Smithson Political Betting


The team of experts backing Mike Smithson, a former BBC reporter see to it that they utilise their vast experience and knowledge to analyse the political fields in many countries.

The site aims at creating the best political forum where they can share their insight into the political betting markets. They offer complete analysis in the political arena, including:




The first tip that a pundit should put in mind and adhere to is to practice responsible gaming. Avoid over-reliance on punditry as it might lead to addiction.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when making political bets. Check the history, current affairs, and popularity ratings among others.



Timing will help you enjoy huge payouts. The analysis on this page is backed by tons of research by out experts gathered over a period.


Operators and the Best Odds


The increase in popularity of the political betting events, it has resulted in popping up of many markets in the bookmakers' sites.

The markets increase as per the election events likely to take place. The top bookmakers offering the best political odds are William Hill and Ladbrokes, who recorded a total of £3m during the Scottish referendum 2015.

This site will provide relevant rating information for punters on various markets to choose from and how to analyse the odds of the outcomes in the political arena.


Political Betting Ladbrokes


Bookmakers like Ladbrokes acquire their betting odds without a modeling or statistical software. This type of forecasting is useful when analysing political bets due to strange occurrences or on-off which seldom occur in other arenas.

The odds differ from sites to sites, and it’s the responsibility of the pundit to choose the best bookmaker depending on the odds they prefer.


Political Events in 2016


2016 has been the political year where there are numerous activities in US and UK. The political arena in the UK is focused on upcoming elections that will take place at later dates.

The political turbulence in the UK has attracted contenders like Jeremy Corbyn the controversial Labour leader. His latest action to reshuffle the three shadow ministers and replacing them with 6 new ones has seen some opposition.



This will create a new market that will focus on his leadership position. MP Sadiq Khan will also attract market as the candidate likely to take over May’s London mayor position.

Other markets that are coming up in the UK political field are the Article 50 trigger before 2016, the next prime minister after May, the majority party where the conservatives currently hold this position and for that, they have low odds in most sites.

In the US, the upcoming 58th presidential elections have attracted a couple of bookmakers to create markets like the next president, the party likely to win and the Electoral College votes.

This event is the biggest political betting in history. Though political betting is illegal in the US, there are many pundits from other parts of the world taking part in the political bets. Currently, Hillary Clinton leads the polls and when you check her odds at the bookmaker sites are low.


Political Betting Bonuses and Offers


At best bookmakers’ sites, you will be awarded a number of bonuses and promotions. The sections are divided into the promotions and the bonus section.

The bonuses offered to pundits will be accompanied by their individual bonus codes. They are case sensitive and when submitting them, ensure that you key in the correct code.

Some of the bonuses that you will be given at the casino are the sign-up bonus which is given to players when they become members of the site.



When you deposit money to your bookmaker account, you will also be awarded the deposit bonus. This type of bonus differs from the non-deposit bonus in that you have to deposit some cash to be awarded the bonus.

Members of the casino who have been betting for months are awarded the loyalty promotion. Check the terms and conditions of the site to know the timeframe one has to be a member to qualify for this bonus. 


Eligible Pundits for General Elections


There are some qualifications that a player should meet before they are allowed to join the online political betting sites. Firsts, you have to be 18 years of age and above.


Political Betting Ladbrokes Registration


There are sites that require one to be of the age of 21 and above before they permit you to access the site. Your location will also affect your eligibility as a pundit. Most bookmakers in the UK do not allow players from countries like China and Nigeria.

It is essential that you learn the election betting laws in your country. In some, like in the US, it is illegal to bet on politics.

There are even countries where betting is illegal, and most top bookmaker sites can automatically deter all pundits from accessing the site from such places.

Consult your tax lawyer for information on the laws of taxation on gambling. Failure to subject your wins to taxation will lead to a tax default, and that will lead to a heavy fine.


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