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Next President Odds

The race for the president of the United States of America has always been tight and the 2016 elections promises to be another close finish. Political betting has taken a wild turn in this race. The odds on next president have kept on fluctuating and are yet to stagnate for any of the candidates.

Political betting is always intriguing since the comments, debates, political rallies and opinions of the aspirants on critical matters affect their popularity significantly leading to a change in the odds.

Ladbrokes Political Betting Odds

The outspoken nature and controversial statements of some of the candidates for the 2016 race makes this particular election thrilling to follow and bet. The next president odds are set by putting together the wisdom and knowledge of people who trust their political judgment enough to attach their money.

The analysis of this group of people often beats the accuracy of polls. The odds for next president of us can guide you on the likely winner of the election and candidates should take a close look at them since the odds to be next president could be the odd on the betting sites.


Next President Odds


The primaries for the presidential elections are defining moments for the overall election and for the odds for next president of us. The results of the New York primaries were as expected with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton getting big victories.

The win for Trump did very little to the next president odds and for the race for Republican nomination since Bernie Sanders was always expected to suffer a landslide loss. Sanders who had said severally that he would win New York saw him lose by over 15%.

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Despite his statements, he was given underdog odds of over 450 to emerge winner of the democrat nomination ahead of the New York primaries and the outcome led to a spike of the odds to over 100 within two days.

The odds for Clinton to win nomination dropped by almost double showing the high probability of the win. The analysts were doubtful that Trump would win the New York primaries but with the win has earned him a move of the odds to his favour.

Odds for Next President of US

The shift is rather polite due to the possibility of a contested convention and this could affect the next president 2016 odds. However, trump could get the numbers to obtain an outright victory with 9 states remaining. Those states have 497 delegates and Donald Trump needs 393 to attain the threshold for nomination.

The odds on next president have favored Trump and Clinton. The two have expanded their gap from the rest of the contestants and the two horse race is likely to be quite a big one for gamblers. The primaries are still quite interesting and the turn of events could be more twisted when the remaining primaries are done.

Odds on Next President

The primaries have provided warm up markets for the ultimate race and provided a shape up for the next president 2016 odds. The race for the next president is fast closing in on us and the odds to be next president will never settle until the day itself.


What are the markets offered?


The race for the next president of the United States is a highly competitive one. The favorites for the seat are Trump and Clinton and they are likely to clinch the nomination seats.

The race for the nomination for the Republicans and Democrats is the current market although the odds for possible winners are quite low since they have made major positive political strides making it unlikely for their competitors to defeat them.

However, the race is still open and anything can happen, if miracles still exist, we may just experience one. The candidates are as follows in order of popularity and increasing odds: Hillary Clinton> Donald Trump> Bernie Sanders> Ted Cruz> John Kasich.


Race for Democratic Presidential Nominee


  • Hillary Clinton

  • Bernie Sanders


Race for Republican Presidential Nominee


  • Donald Trump

  • Ted Cruz

  • John Kasich


What are the advantages of political betting?


Political betting is fun and entertaining. It is much easier to win than other forms of betting like sports. Politics is a widely analyzed issue since the corridors of power are really coveted.

The odds for next president of a super power nation like the United States attracts attention internationally therefore you only need to be observant and you will get it right.

Next President Odds

Political betting has higher odds and the odds are powerful indicators of the final outcome. The next president odds are often more accurate than the polls.

This has been witnessed in the past in the United Kingdom and the trend is likely to continue. If the odds can predict for you the winner, then all you need to do is stake big and win great prizes.

Political betting is also quite straightforward unlike other betting markets. Other bets such as sports can pull surprise outcomes.

The biggest of teams have been defeated in various sport events such as football and rugby and the best of players for instance in tennis have succumbed to low profile players but this will rarely happen in politics.

The political campaigns, debates, opinions and comments of the aspirants and their allies are the guiding factors to look in the analysis of politics. The efforts put in and the time invested into winning the elections cannot afford any mistakes to lead to losses.

However, the political markets open rarely since general elections happen once in a while but they are surely events to look up to.

The next president 2016 is here with us and it seems to be the most thrilling US elections of all times. The battle for the seat is big with the frontrunners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton putting efforts to cement themselves their place at the top.

The controversial Trump and the likely first female president of the USA will face off at the polls, and the gamblers are eager to make big wins in this fierce race.


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