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The Next UK General Election Odds

Most people ignore the fact that one can make money out of betting on elections. To most people, making such bets is simply a waste of time and money.

Most bookmakers have included political betting in their respective sites and there new markets that you can bet on depending on the elections to be conducted.


Betting on General Elections Outcome


The bookmakers accept only two types of bets namely the money line bets and the straight up bets. There is a narrow range of betting in politics hence, only two types of bets are available unlike sports betting.


Money Line Bets


The money line bets are simply bets whereby you will predict the outcome of the next general elections odds in the UK.  Under this bet, you will also be required to specify by what amount your candidate will win.


money line general election


For instance, you can specify in your bet that the conservative party will win by say 50% of the seats in the House of Commons.

Such bets are fun since you can have a straight bet on a party and also specify by what number of seats they will acquire come to the next general elections.


Straight Up Bets


This other type of bet is preferred by most punters compared to the money line bets in elections. This is a simple bet in that here; you will bet on a candidate to win the elections.


next uk general election odds


Thorough research should be done, and the next general election odds should guide you on the candidate likely to win the post.  


Common Markets in UK General Elections


The UK offers a huge market in for most bookmaker since there is a lot of political activity there. For instance, the markets that you will find in a bookmaker like Betfair include the article 50 trigger dates.



This market allows a pundit to bet on whether there will be another election to trigger the article 50. The odds that it will occur in 2016 is 9.6 at £10.

The bookmaker also has created a market on the possibility of general elections in 2016. The odds for those who will choose to back the bet will be 5.8 for £10.

The British people also speculate on the possibility of the EU referendum before 2019. Punters who will back the bet will have odds of 2.52 at £16.

Another market that has attracted many contestants in the bookmakers’ sites is the prime minister who will take over after May. Likely candidates for the position include Jeremy Corbyn (3.05), Boris Johnson (2.14), George Osborne (4) and many other contenders.

The UK section also covers small markets like the great Manchester mayoral election 2017. Top candidates likely to win the seat are Andy Burnham with odds at 1.65, Tony Lloyd with odds of 2.18 and Ivan Lewis whose odds of winning are 15.5.


general election manchester


Punters in the UK can also bet on the exit of Boris under the general elections specials. The odds are spread from 2016 to 2020. When you place your stake to support Boris’s exit in 2016, you will have odds of 5.5-7 when you back the bet. If another player backs the year 2020 or later then the odds lower up to 1.19.

Under the same section, a player can also bet on the first cabinet member to leave the house. Members of the cabinet under the market include Andrea Leadsom, David Davis, Liam Fox, and Jeremy Hunt among others who have odds of 1.01. Boris Johnson has odds of 1.1 to be the first cabinet member to leave.      


Finding the Best Bookmakers for UK Politics


There are many bookmakers offering terrific next UK general election odds today. To find the best site to bet on, you will need to know how to identify a good bookmaker online. Some of the features of a good site are: to begin with, a good bookmaker will give realistic next UK general elections odds.


next general election odds


If you find that the site’s odds vary greatly from other casinos, then avoid it. There are also age restrictions when one wants to try out the next general election odds.

Top sites have age restrictions and ways that you can prove you are not a minor. It is a breach of the law to gamble if you are a minor.

Bookmakers who are known to offer good services and the realistic odds are common. When you read the political casinos reviews, you will find that the site has been mentioned a number of times. When you open the casino’s forum, you will also find positive comments from the players.

Join such casinos as they are safe. Top sites also have a good financial backing. If you find that the casino you are about to join has problems with making payments then do not. The chances are that you will undergo a similar situation and you will be denied your win.


Recovering a Lost Account


The bookmakers anticipated such an occurrence and had set up a system through which you will be able to recover your lost account or a forgotten password. One way that you can recover your online account is by contacting the customer care.

When you have forgotten the password of your account, then you can call the customer care assistants for aid. They will require you to verify the ownership of the account.

You might be asked a series of questions ranging from current account information and recent transactions. When you satisfactorily convince the attendants that the account is yours, they will reset the password, and you will be asked to key in a new one.


reset password


You can also recover your account by clicking the forgot password option on the bookmaker's page. You will be required to submit your email that you used when creating the account.

After you key in the correct email, instructions will be sent on how you will be able to recover your lost account. If you do not find the instructions on your inbox folder, then you can check the spam folder.

Open the mail and click on the link provided by the bookmaker. The link will automatically reset your password requiring you to key in a new one.


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