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Next US President Odds

The USA elections are looming closer and given that this is a money making season for gamblers, you must have seen them smiling around. This election is undoubtedly the most anticipated political race in the world and the odds on the next US president are running.

The country being a super power nation with the ability to influence critical world decisions makes the decision on who ascends the corridors of power a serious affair. The odds on next us president reflect the intensity of the race. They never seem to settle for any of the candidates.

The odds on next us president have proven to be more credible than polls in predicting the outcome of the election. The expert analyses of the betting sites in conjunction with the knowledge of politically wise individuals who trust their judgment with their money develop the odds.

The casinos surely do not want to make losses hence the odds are well formulated, the aspirant with the lowest odds is likely to be the frontrunner for the race.


Next US President Odds


Focusing on an updated look of the US presidential election from the betting markets point of view, it will be a two horse race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The odds for next us president were quite different about 8 months ago, when a Hillary-Jeb Bush election seemed likely but now it is a totally different scenario.

The odds for next US president are shaping up in a usual manner. The masses are sad about the ever growing gap between the rich and the poor in addition to the cordial relationships with Wall Street, Military Industrial Complex and Big Banks. This has led to more votes for candidates with the interests of the people at heart.

The candidates who have shown promise and risen from obscurity and doubt are Sanders and Trump and for a while they seemed to be the likely flag bearers for their parties, Democratic and Republican respectively.

The odds on next us president remain in favor of Trump owing to his successes in the primaries but Sanders has gone behind Clinton who is the frontrunner for the race.

The great public appeal she has and her popularity among women and Hispanics as well as the cozy relationship with Wall Street banks and other donors has placed her at this position. The next us president odds are unlikely to leave her favor.

Moreover, she enjoys the support of her husband who is two-time US president, Bill Clinton and lots of experience as a political campaigner and all these make her worthy of her current position. Trump’s strong opinions on critical matters and his brashness can end up scaring away voters.

The next U presidential election odds will continue fluctuating to the November election. The race for nomination sets the pace for the overall contest and the election will surely be intriguing. The opinions, comments and debates of the aspirants are defining factors that will make or break the aspirants and their parties.

Gamblers are watching and political betting seems to be a money making affair for them. Let’s watch this space as the twists and turns of the 2016 elections continue.


How popular is political betting?


The popularity of political betting has been on the rise and the inclusion of these markets in a variety of online casinos seems to be accelerating this change. The high odds and obvious wins attract gamblers to the game.

It is very easy to predict political results and gamblers are exploiting this strength to the fullness of their abilities.

The odds on the next us president are also big. Politics in general is a famous ‘sport’ that is followed by many since the leadership of any region impacts on the well being of many as compared to sports and other casino games.

Next us presidential election odds have attracted gamblers worldwide, not only the Americans but also other people elsewhere.

Certain circles in Las Vegas have hinted that there will come a time when political betting especially on US presidential elections will take center stage and dwarf the likes of Super Bowl’s, this is a possible speculation although too ambitious.

This will however face some major setbacks since only Nevada and Louisiana allow legal casino gambling and only Silver State has sports books. Moreover, the time it took for Nevada Gaming Control Board to actually legalize betting on Super bowl MVP in the state is quite alarming.


Cons of political betting


Betting on sports events is the usual norm but there is a distinct line between sports betting, Presidential election betting, reality shows, awards and other events where the votes of the public dictate the actual winner of a certain contest.

The odds of next presidential us president are often quite straightforward in predicting the actual winners of the election but the twists and turns in politics cannot be overlooked. Simple comments and opinions between now and the November election can cause a drastic change in the popularities of the candidates.

The next us president odds are vulnerable since the candidates have so far been very outspoken on critical matters. For instance, the comments made by Trump about various immigrants such as the African Americans and the Mexicans have caused a decrease in his popularity among the minority groups.

The same comments are likely to cause an increase in popularity among some groups of people and analysis alone cannot really state the overall effect of this. This makes winning the prizes is more complicated than it seems.

The betting markets are also not available in several online casinos. This leads to low availability and total unavailable in some jurisdictions due to legal issues. The inconsistency of general elections as compared to other events like sports makes it less popular.

Big elections are held rarely and within almost the same space therefore gamblers wouldn’t wait for them when there is money in sports and other events. They start as soon as they end and this is infamous.

It is election time and there is more thrill than just the new leadership, it is gambling time with great prizes to be won. The odds for next us president are lucrative and no gambler should miss this.

Political betting is very easy, just requires a little attention to facts and you will be smiling with your leaders as they ascend the corridors of power.


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