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Online Political Betting Websites

Political betting is gaining popularity all over the globe, as betting lovers are turning their knowledge into a lucrative business. There is a corresponding level of risk and knowledge is the key in betting.

Keeping up with all the news/bulletins/press releases/debates can help in fetching very good amount if a person stays a step ahead of the bookmakers or other online betting exchange players.


Types of Political Bets


Initially in the start of political betting, generally only the major markets used to get covered such as ‘Next President,' ‘Next Prime Minister.' However, in the current scenario, every election and referendum get covered by wide ranges of markets.

In 2016, US Presidential elections created a maximum market in which a person betted on each winning party in the primary election, which candidate gets nominated by both the sides, the overall winner, as well as the margin of winning and the total number of electoral votes from the colleges.



On the contrary in the United Kingdom, people love a popular political scandal, and along with the ‘Next Prime Minister’ bets, a person can bet on stuff like how long will the current government stay and which all leaders will stay in power even after the elections.

There will be special market setups on either referenda or other remaining major political events that might occur.

In both the UK and US, if one shops around, a person won’t only find markets that are based on the elections of the European countries, along with Canada, Australia and many others around at the election times in those countries.

So, if a person has got some inside information on political unrest a country says in North Africa, there will probably be a place online where a person can make some money over the same.


Online Political Betting Websites


In the current scenario, the involvement of a lot of people and the day to day politics can be looked upon as a game, wherein different set of teams or parties get in some discussions to put over their point of view about the subject across.

Even the most popular political scandals, quoting the example of recent scandal on the expenses, can become topics for betting over, such as if the MP will get to power or if the points raised will be taken forward or not.


Political Betting Sites


As a matter of fact, there are ample of different platforms may it be social or online wherein people can pit bets on politics or other major betting topics.

That many major bookies tend to offer odds on various events, in which several different parties can participate and get a chance to try their luck bickering over several political issues.

For such betting parties, there are various online political betting websites available which are very convenient to use and play. Some of them are mentioned as below.


Bet365: Top Candidate


On opening the Bet365, a person can find under the “Specials” tab various options, such as who will be winning the leadership of different political parties next year, or who will win the General elections in the next elections.

One can also find odds on political events from all over the world – majorly in the USA – denoting that the person is spoilt for the choice while thinking about the next bet to be made on politics.



Bet365 always provides the easiness to use and the available odds that the site quotes are pretty much equal to the once found on the other websites. Thus, it is one of the best political betting websites online.

The Bet365 offers the highest amount of welcome bonus in the country while debating. This bonus is gained at up to £200 and can be availed as soon as the person chips in the first deposit.


Bet Victor: Deputy


A tie is always lingering between Bet365 and Bet Victor, as both the political betting sites offer odds on both the upcoming UK and US political events.

The reason that a person will choose Bet Victor is that Bet365 offers way more diversity in the market, but it can still be taken as a favorable choice when it comes to looking to bet over politics.


Political Betting Websites


Bet Victor offers the best layout of the website and thus makes it easy to use which is another reason why it has made it in the top three best political betting sites.

The bonus a person gets on the welcome in Bet Victor is worth £25 when a person makes the first deposit and well as the bet. One can also put money on other markets that it offers else than just politics.


Ladbrokes: Third Option


The third running in the list of the best betting websites online is Ladbrokes, which has taken the remaining major chunk of betting population in the UK.

It might not cater the best wager in the political betting, but they do ensure to give an easy betting platform and that the odds that they offer are extremely high.



The slight disadvantage is that it only covers up the US markets and not the UK, but it sure will in the coming future.

New player to enter in Ladbrokes receive a £50 bonus at the welcome. It not much that it offers as compared to Bet365 or Bet Victor, but it sure adds up especially if in time that £50 is the one, that makes a person rich! Plus, one has only to deposit and bet £10 to avail the £20 which is a free bet.


Winning a Political Betting


Knowledge helps the best when a person stays a step or two ahead with the information from that of the public. Another way to stay a step ahead is to conduct aggressive research.

The booksellers have the same information as any other person, but if a person keeps a check in the current news and events, it might just have a plus one at winning. It is useful in local political betting.

Another way wins the betting ‘In-play’ in the television betting. Thus, with the handful of these few tips, a person in a party is good to win.


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