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A good number of people may not know that many people bet in European politics or if they are aware, they consider this a total waste of time.

It will surprise you to know how much money you can make in Paddy Power election. Paddy Power election betting has increased betting markets as a result of the growing interest and demand in political bets.

Political betting is growing in demand as at any given time worldwide there is some sort of nominations taking place.

PaddyPower Bet on Hillary

US presidential race has the most bets placed on it due to the aggression and steep competition for the presidential seat.

The fantastic thing about Paddy Power election betting is that you can bet worldwide and with your desired politicians in mind.

Below are some odds you can bet through the Paddy Power election:


US Politics


The Paddy Power US politics is under the Paddy Power elections and gives you an opportunity to bet on whatever you fancy in the US elections be it presidential, senatorial or House of Representatives.


Paddy Power Election


It also features options such as the next party to occupy the oval office and other cheeky options that you shall see as you continue reading down this article. Some of the US politics sections are as highlighted below:


The Next US President


Paddy Power has a long history of making punters from all over the world rich, especially during this election period.

In the next US president marker, the online bookie gives you an opportunity of predicting who will be the next US president.

Bet on Politics!

Currently, there are two favorites, Donald Trump and former first lady Hillary Clinton. However, there are other contestants as well. They include Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who are all running for different parties.

The Snip below shows you the odds on Paddy Power election betting on the US presidential election 2016.


Paddy Power Election Betting


Initially, Hillary Clintons Paddy Power election odds were 11/10, but with time, Paddy Power seemed to be convinced that she will win the odds and consequently the odds of ½.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump, whose initial odds of becoming the next occupant of the oval office were 100 to 1, comes in the second spot with odds of 7 to 4.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden come in third and fourth respectively with odds of 20/1 and 33/1 respectively. This shows how rare victory is on their side.


Democrat Presidential Nominee


The Democrat or Democratic party as some people will say it is one of the two main parties in the US alongside the younger Republican party.

It is the party of the outgoing United States president H.E Hussein Barrack Obama and has a number of people who are in line to succeed him as the torch bearers to the 2016 US elections.

With Paddy Power Election betting, you have the opportunity of placing your bet on who will be success president Obama.

Currently, there are three nominations for this slot including former first Lady Hillary Clinton at odds of 1/25, Bernie Sanders at odds of 12/1 and Joe Biden at odds of 25/1.


Election Paddy Power


Additionally, there is also the Democrat Vice President Candidate option enlisted on the bookmaker’s page. The number of participants here are overwhelming with Tim Kaine and Julian Castro being favorites at 5/1 and 5/2 respectively.


Election Betting Paddy Power


Similarly, there is the Republican Nominee and the Vice President Candidate for the Republican seat. Having out beaten favorites such as former Senator and Vietnam war veteran John McCain.

Currently, Donald Trump is the favorite to win and has even made the Republican nominee option to be removed at Paddy Power election.

However, the next vice president option is still open with quite a number of contenders in the race with Newt Gingrich being the favorite of clinching the seat.


Paddy Power Betting Election


Besides, the main elections, Paddy Power Election have a number of markets that you can place your bet on. For instance, they have the Irish politics, the US states, the UK politics, the Scottish politics, the European Politics as well as the Australian Federal Politics.

All the mentioned sections have subsections that you can place your bet on as long as you are in a region that has access to the Paddy Power online casino services.


Betting Election Paddy Power


In the snip above, you can see some of the markets available for the UK politics section. It features some juicy and viable options that you can choose to place your bet on.

For instance, you can decide to choose on the turnout during the EU membership referendum turnout. The odds are lucrative, and according to Paddy Power, more and more people are placing their bets on 67.5% or over.


How Can You Place a Bet on Paddy Power Election Market?


Placing a bet is straight forward with Paddy Power. In fact, there are several options that you can use to place a bet on the site.

For instance, you can use the phone bet method which involves calling the online bookmaker and requesting that they place the bet on your behalf.

If you are a UK resident, you can use the number 08000 565 265 to make the request or use 1800 721 821/ +353 1 905 0101 to make a request from Ireland.


What are the Requirements that I Need to Meet to Become a Member of the Paddy Power Online Betting Community?


To become a member, you have to ensure that you are at least 18 years of age. This is a requirement set by the UK government and enforced by all the online bookmakers that operate within the country.

Secondly, you have to open an account with the online bookmaker. Lastly, you have to live in a country that allows for the services of Paddy Power online casino.

People from Mexico, Nigeria, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, China among other aren’t allowed to participate in the Paddy Power casino services.


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