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Paddy Power: General Election

Paddy power bookmaker offers a variety of markets under the politics section.

Most pundits especially newbies do not know how to go about in the political bets. The many political events happening in the world today offer good opportunities for bookmakers to create a gambling pool.

Paddy Power Bookie Election Odds

Players bet on their favourite candidates or bet on some political events.

This article will show you how to go about the political bets and calculating the odds.


UK Politics


The UK politics section at paddy power offers 12 markets that a player can choose from.


paddy power uk election


Betting on these political events in the UK leads to huge payouts as some of the contestants pull out of the race leaving some unopposed. Others are tightly contested that the odds are almost similar.

Below are some of the paddy power general election markets in the UK section:

The date of the next general election is a market that you will find at the paddy power. This bet is a single bet, and it applies to the election after May 2005. The odds that there will be an election in 2016 according to the bookmaker is 15/8, for 2017 the odds are 7/2, for the year 2018, on the other hand, the odds are 10/1. The year with the lowest odds is 2020 (1/2) since elections are held after every five years.

The overall majority markets is a bet on the political party that will have majority seats in the coming elections more than other participants totalled. Under this market, the Conservative majority has even odds. The No overall majority has odds of 6/5 while the Labour majority have odds of 4/1. Currently, the majority seats in the House of Commons are held by the Conservative party. 

Another market that is offered by paddy power general election is the next conservative party leader.



This person will take over after Theresa May at 2020 during the general elections. This post has attracted many contestants like Boris Johnson (5/1), Sajid Javid (12/1), and Phillip Hammond (14/1) among others. Other candidates are the likes of Ken Clarke with odds of 100/1.

The next prime minister market is also offered at the site. The candidate with the highest likelihood to win is Boris Johnson with odds of 8/1. Other participants for the job after Theresa May are Jeremy Corbyn (11/2), Owen Smith (13/2), Angela Eagle (18/1), Priti Patel (80/1) and Owen Paterson (100/1).

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The most Seats market is slightly different from the overall majority in that in this it is a bet on the party that will have most seats only.

It is a singles bet and parties under this market include; Conservatives with odds of (1/3), Labour Party with odds of 11/4 and Green party has odds of 500/1 among other parties.

Finally, paddy power general election UK section offers the Second EU Referendum market. This bet will expire on 2019 and those who will back Yes will have odds of 3/1 while for those for No referendum before 2019 will have odds of 1/5


US Politics


The United States of America political field has opened up three markets at paddy power political betting site.

The oncoming elections too have been included with candidates have luring odds.

The three markets offered under the US Presidential elections of 2016 are:
The US Presidential Election 2016 market allows one to bet on the candidate they think will win the elections on Tuesday 8th November 2016. Key participants in the campaigns’ are Hillary Clinton (2/5), Donald Trump with odds of 21/10, Joe Biden with odds of 66/1 having tied with Bernie Sanders.



This bet will make you a lot of money but the political tables might turn, and you might end up losing your bet. 

Paddy power also allows you to bet on the Democrat vice president candidate market. The candidates for this post are Tim Kaine with odds of 2/5, Tom Vilsack with odds of 7/2, and Bill Clinton with odds of 66/1 among others.

The Winning Party is another market that is open for betting at the site. This market offers only a single bet and parties under consideration are the Democrats with odds of 2/5, Republicans with odds of 15/8 and Independent candidates with odds of 40/1.


Placing Your Bet at Paddy Power


There are many ways that you can use to place your bet on the bookmaker's site to bet on politics.

The most common methods involve the use of credit and debit cards accepted by the casino, online wallets like PayPal, Bank wire transfers among other means.


paddy power uk election mobile


You can also opt to use your mobile phone if you are within the UK or Ireland. You will be required to make a call so that the bet can be placed on your behalf.  

When transferring money to your paddy power account, countercheck the information and the amount you are depositing in the site. Stick to your bankroll so as to be able to account for all funds used when playing online.


Power Political Bonus


There are bonuses that will be offered by paddy power in the political section.

However, there are some requirements that you have to fulfil. First, you need to a member of the casino. This factor is affected by the age and location of the pundit. The minimum allowable gambling age is 18 years.


paddy power uk election bonus


Locations restricted from accessing the site include pundits from Nigeria, Chile, and China.

When you complete the sign-up the process, you will be awarded a promotion code that you will have to key in so as to claim your welcome bonus. Other varieties of bonuses offered at the paddy power general elections site are the deposit bonus which one is given as soon as they make the minimum deposit that attracts the bonus.

Pundits who have been members of the casino for some time are awarded the loyalty package.

Each bonus will have its unique bonus code/ promo codes. Make sure that you key in the code as it appears as they are case sensitive.


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