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Paddy Power: Irish Politics

Politics without any doubt impacts us directly and indirectly in more ways than one. Whether we like it or not we continue to be impacted by the political events which are taking place around us on a regular basis.

The same is the case with Ireland. It is a nation with a troubled past and, therefore, political awareness is quite high, and whenever there is anything that happening remotely connected to politics, it evinces a lot of interest.

Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to know more about the various political events which are happening right now in this country and how the various bookmakers are responding to it.

It would be pertinent to mention that that there are many bookmakers who have a strong presence as far as Irish politics is concerned.

Paddy Power is one such online bookmaker who has over the years could exercise a big presence in the Irish national politics.

Hence, it would not be a bad idea to know more about their contribution as far Irish politics is concerned. We will try and have a look at the different parameters on which betting is possible.


Paddy Power: Irish Politics


There is a lot of speculation as far as the date of the next election is concerned. When we talk about Paddy Power Irish Politics, we cannot afford to ignore the date of the next election.

There is much speculation on the subject matter. For example, if one looks up the reputed bookmakers like Paddy Power then 2017 is the most probable year in which elections will be held in this country.


Paddy Power Irish Politics


The odds are 4/6 in this regard, and therefore this is a fact which cannot be ignored. As the years roll by the odds also keep decreasing, and it became 36/1 if the election year is considered as 2021.

However, according to some latest reports, 2021 is the year in which the next election in Ireland is supposed to be held. Hence, for once the actual even have beaten what the punters and bookmakers had to say.


Most Number of Seats


As far as the most number of seats are concerned, there is quite a bit of competition going on. But there are reasons to believe that Fianna Fail continues to be the top favorite and has an odd of 1/2 in its favor which certainly is great new to the party.


Paddy Power Odds Irish Politics


There are others also in the fray such as Fine Gael, Sinn Fein, and Labor and Green parties. However, they are all quite way behind, and as of now, Fianna Fail and perhaps Fine Gael with odd of 13/8.

These are still early days, and it is quite likely that things could swing either way or move from one party to another over the next few days.


Who Will Head the Next Government in Ireland?


As of today, there is a big belief that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are the frontrunners as far as elections for the next government are concerned. Both have a favorite odd of 3/1 working in their favor.

This is closely followed by Fianna Fail Minority which has an odd of 10/3 which again is quite impressive and should this happen it could lead to an unstable and perhaps even a lame duck government.


Paddy Power Odds On Irish Politics


No single party is expected to win a majority and this is borne out by the fact, that even the much talked about Fianna Fail party is not favored by odds to win a complete majority.

According to many bookmakers, all indicators are pointing more towards a fractured mandate, and the only way forward would be to look for a coalition government where are bound to push, pulls and other such uncertainties.


Who Will Be the Next Leader of Fianna Fail?


Though there are many names doing the round as far as the next leader of Fianna Fail is concerned, as of now the odds and bookmakers seemingly are in favor of Michael McGrath. He has a phenomenal odd of 6/4 working in his favor, and there are quite a few reasons for this.


Paddy Power Betting Odds Irish Politics


The most obvious are perhaps because he is quite popular amongst the masses and within the party itself he continues to be quite popular and find himself accepted by most of his party mates and colleagues.

However, this is still too early in the day, and it is quite likely that things could change for him or against him in the next few weeks or months.


Dara Celleary


She is another charismatic and popular leader who could also be a possible contender for the post of the leader of Fianna Fail.

That is the main reason as to why the odds are 10/3 in her favor which is not very considering the fact, that she has to contend with the might of Fianna Fail.

However, it would be better to wait and watch as to how things are likely to fan out over the next few days because even a few hours could be quite a long time as far as unfurling of political events is concerned.


Why Choose Paddy Power to Bet on Irish Politics?


There are many obvious reasons as to why it makes sense to choose Paddy Power over others when it comes to political betting in almost all countries of the United Kingdom and with reference to Ireland.

They have been covering Irish politics for many years now and, therefore, they know it better than most other bookmakers.


Paddy Power Odds On Irish Politics Events


Further, they have many punters and bettors from Ireland who regularly bet on Paddy Power and, therefore, they can draw on their experience and goodwill.

It also would be pertinent to mention, that they do a lot of research on each political party, political leader apart from taking feedbacks from thousands of ordinary men and women on the street.

Hence, when all these are taken together and put in perspective, there are reasons to believe that they could be the best as far as Irish political betting and prediction are concerned.


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