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Paddy Power: Presidential Election Betting

There was a time when political betting used to be an eccentric idea for bookmakers. Not anymore.

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With the rising hullabaloo word over about governmental policies, there is a noticeable growth of political interest amidst otherwise apolitical mass. These are some of the reasons why the bookies are taking this political betting business gravely.

But you must acknowledge one thing. US presidential election is the numero uno,  whether in terms of scale, media coverage, or status.

Paddy Power Presidential Election, Bet365 presidential contest, or Bovada US election odds are some of the sources where you can go and discover betting tips as well as odds in a most organized manner.


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If you are the new-kid-in-the-block in US election gambling, then follow up the rest of the article carefully. The consequent points will provide you with a quick overview related to presidential race.


How to Select the Ideal Bookie?


Selecting the right bookmaker is the most integral part of election wagering. The market is inundated with tons of bookies, who are vying for the largest chunk of customers’ attraction.

So if you are a novice in US presidential election betting, then encash the benefits of this competitive market.


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Sign-up with minimum 5-6 bookies and get showered with heaps of bonus offers as well as welcome deals. Paddy Power, Bovada, Bet365 are some of the renowned brands here with years of reputation as well as stellar customer retention techniques.

But do remember that, a proficient bookmaker in sports may not excel in political betting too. So do your researches thoroughly and before taking the final call, visit a betting exchange like Bet Fair? Here, you should match the odds among the celebrated bookmakers. 

Be prepared to get astonished as many times, even the most unsung bookie can offer the superior odds.


Political Betting is a Bigger Genre


Political betting in the USA has its own eccentricities. Do you make out that if Hillary Clinton swears in as the president in November, you can start betting on the 2020 presidential election from same month itself? Don’t resist yourself as a bettor by taking the US presidential election betting as a one-off event.

Bet on Politics!

You can wager on the leading party in the state of Maryland, or the percentage of vote Republicans will gain in Texas. Even the mayor of New York contest is one of the focal subjects for political gamblers worldwide.

Following the USA, UK polls pull in the second-largest number of gamblers around the world.

UK politics is full of curves these days. From selecting the Mayor of London to Brexit, one can conclude that the year of 2016 has been one of the most action-packed years UK legislation.


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So if you are dead-bored with the media circus around US presidential race, you may veer towards the UK.  Australia, Sweden, Italy are other three destinations celebrated among political gamblers.


Polling is Losing Its Sheen


Suppose, you are a complete rookie with no mentor, no prior experience related political wagering.

So if you are deciding to put your stake on Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, then polling should naturally come as your first pillar of support. 

Pause for a moment and listen to it from us the bitter truth about polling- it is losing its believability gradually because of sheer high-handedness! Instead of that, Paddy Power presidential election tips and odds can prove to be the most accurate source.



This is not a made-up story. In reality, the experts are relying more on political gambling than survey result.  The latter is made of a bunch of highly sophisticated and politically motivated individuals, with little-to-no-touch of ground reality.

On the other hand, bettors tap onto the day-to-day changes in the political circuit, the hottest insider’s gossip, scandals, ego-clash and much more. And no one can deny the immensity these apparently trivial issues hold on US politics.


Understand the Eccentricity of US Politics


A sitting bettor will not leave everything on the bookmaker. Your task doesn’t end in choosing the best odds; rather, it’s only the beginning. If you are keen about wagering on US presidential race, then study more about it.

Watch news channels, go through the morning dailies religiously, and surf internet to gather – as much information as you can on the subject. 


presidential election dashboard


There is a chance that you are not an American, yet putting a stake in the presidential contest from the other part of the world. Educate yourself about how the machinery works here.

Do you know the terms like Caucuses, Primaries or Pledged delegates? If not, then take in the glossaries of US politics, and you are bound to feel much more enriched. Gecko Board is one of its kind site with dashboards- where you can keep a tab on the progress of each party (Republican and Democratic).


Prediction Market is the Rising Power


This US presidential election is witnessing a record percentage of participation from the millennial generation.

With the ascension of educated, high-income millennial bettors, the popularity of traditional online betting shops is slowly diminishing, in politics especially. Instead of that, the new-age gamblers are leaning towards the prediction market or future trading to select odds on presidential candidates.

One may ask about the reason for this noticeable shift. It comes from the regulation that- online betting is prohibited in the US. That’s why the majority of university students are betting their cents via the prediction market- which is completely legal.


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