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Paddy Power: Referendum Odds

Betting is something which has been around for many centuries and could be a few thousand years of age.

There are different forms of betting which are famous and could include betting on sports matches, betting on film stars, politicians and betting on various sporting personalities and much more. Today betting on politics and the various events surrounding politics is becoming quite common.


The Growing World of Political Betting


Whether it is about the new U.S President or about the expected referendum results in various places including Scotland and Ireland, there is no denying the fact that betting in politics and the political process is a big business and perhaps could be worth billions of dollars.

Amongst the many such online and brick and mortar outlets which are into political betting, there is no doubt that Paddy Power is a name to reckon with.


Paddy Power


They have a chain of retail outlets in many countries of the world. They are often considered to be an innovative bookmaker. They are quite aggressive and well represented in countries like Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Great Britain.

They also offer the best of technology including mobile betting and they also have a unique and innovative dial a bet department.

It would also be pertinent to mention that they are well present throughout many countries of the world because of their distribution channels.

They have many such channels, and nine of them are in some countries of Europe. They are extremely strong in Ireland, and they have a total of 212 retail outlets in this country alone. They have around 107 such outlets in Great Britain.

Hence, Paddy Power Referendum Odds without any doubt is one of the most popular betting outlets are catering specifically to those punters who like politics and take a keen interest in it.


Paddy Power referendum odds



A Few More Reasons Why They Are So Popular


One more reason why they are so very popular is because of their money-back schemes. This certainly goes a long way in giving customers a sense of safety and satisfaction.

It also helps them to gain confidence and the experience which they get is something which remains etched in their memory for a long period.

Though there could be many other competitors what they offer is a poor imitation, and it does not take much of time for customers to find out the big difference in what they offer and what competition offers.

Paddy Power also is known to offer 24/7 live support in the form of chats in the English Language. They also use social media like Twitter and email to offer the best possible help.

The fact that they keep their services open around the clock is again something which keeps the customers happy. They have an online FAQ section which helps a lot in answering various questions of the customers


The Best of Payment Options


Another reason why it makes sense to go in for Paddy Power Referendum Odds is because they offer the best of deposit, withdrawal and payment options.

It is possible to withdraw and deposit money using all the major debit and credit cards. PayPall, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash, Entropay, Cash Card and quite a few other methods of payment are also accepted.


Paddy Power payment


The deposits are processed immediately, and the minimum deposit amount is also very customer friendly. It could range anything between Euro 5 to 10 depending on the type of play.

The money gets deposited in the bank account and should not take more than 1 to 5 working days again depending on holidays and other intervening factors.

Credit and debit card withdrawals should take two to three working days while cheques should take around 5 to 10 working days.

One more reason why more numbers of bettors choose Paddy Power is because they do not charge any fees for using debit and credit cards.

The same is absorbed by the service providers, and when you become a regular player, this certainly could make a big difference.

Further, the payment methods can be changed once the outstanding bets fall below GBP 450 and this could include the balance in other betting such as Poker, Bingo, Casino Games, Sportsbook just to name a few.


Paddy power best offers



The Best of Betting Coverage and Odds Margins


They are also known to offer the best of odds though customers feel that in some areas of politics they could perhaps improve even further.

They have centered around politics, sports and other areas of gambling which are in the United Kingdom and if they spread their wings to other countries and continents they certainly have a lot of positives to offer.

However, as mentioned earlier, their mobile betting platform combined with the best of odds makes them stand tall when compared to many others in the market. Their profit margins in various political betting including betting or referendum are quite good.

In fact, it would be pertinent to mention here that ever since they came out with a mobile based app for their political betting division, the going has been good.

In fact, when they first launched such as an app for iPhone users in May 2010, they were considered to be the first to do so.



Yes, it is a fact that much more have followed suit, but they continue to be a pioneer in this field.




At the end of the day, there is no doubt that Paddy Power, which has been around since 1988 is one of the most trustworthy, reliable and reputed bookmakers in the United Kingdom.

Especially when it comes to betting on politics and political leaders, they have been unique, versatile and undoubtedly much better than many others in the market.

It is therefore not very surprising to find a note that they have become sixth largest online gaming service provider in Britain and the third largest as far as online bookmakers are concerned.

They have grown organically and inorganically and have taken over Sportsbet and IAS in Australia. This has led them to book the biggest corporate bookmaker in Australia.


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