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2016 Presidential Election Odds

A few months ago, most of the new articles and blogs online wrote that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination, and that would be the end of the road for him.

Just like the most news articles and blogs online, I was also certain that Donald Trump couldn’t build up enough of the already too small Republican base and win the presidential elections come November, therefore nearly assuring not only a loss, but a huge loss to the Democrat Nominee, Hilary Clinton in the general election. 


Presidential Election Odds


I was wrong to underestimate him. Days have passed since the first article downplaying Trump as the favourite to win the 2016 presidential race, but I’ve been noting more and more reasons why the predictions to demise Donald Trump are all wrong, and that his presidential election odds of becoming the next US president are pretty decent.

Donald Trump, a supposed political novice, seems to have a better understanding of the Republican base better than any party leader. He might have failed to win over all the conservatives leaders who are represented by the likes of Bill Kristol as well as the National review editorial board.

But what most of the people have forgotten is that during the election day, there is not enough of the conservative elite base which will fill the phone booth. Having their full support isn’t the sure way to win the election.

And just like Mitt Romney discovered in 2012, the hard way, of course, is that even as a more moderate mainstream conservative with years of experience and running states like he ran Massachusetts, is not good enough to secure you a victory to the oval office.

Similarly, it's also difficult to hold down the support you receive from the conservative as well as expand your popularity amongst the Republican voting base.

However, what Donald Trump and his political advisers seem to have figured a long time ago is that it will have to upset the hardened nation really to win.

America’s new media, demographics and the educational establishments have all managed successfully to destroy the outdated Republican message for at least a few years.

As a candidate who has never run for the presidency or any other elective position before, Donald Trump had the best opportunity of running away from the party title and shrinking base to come up with a new coalition of voters.

But Trump had another advantage which I missed in this area: his bluntness. To use the type of blunt language he uses, most media outlets see the current Republican Party as a losing party.

Therefore, it's all come down to Trump to prove his doubters that the losing party is still going to get the Republican National Committee’s cash, as well as a ground-game support come November.


2016 Presidential Election Odds


So far so good, the disruptive strategy is working, a clear indication from the next presidential election odds which have significantly shifted to his favour.

He began his campaign by capturing the attention of the union and blue collar workers with his open attacks on US’s policy of outsourcing to China and Mexico, as well as the open borders. This alone helped distinguish him from the other cautious Republicans.

Once he successfully passed across his pro-blue collar message, he went ahead and defused the traditional Democratic party weapon; he raised his concerns about the increase in the number of Muslim immigrants to the US.

This blunt talk made many people say that he was committing political suicide, but it’s no doubt that it’s the same talk that has spurred him to his primary victories as well as recording participation in the Republican primary process.

Since Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China and quick withdrawal of the troops from Vietnam, there has been no other Republican, who’s managed to steal the Democrat’s thunder until Trumps time.

Base, Donald Trump does not need any putrid base.

And it doesn’t end at this point. Donald Trump was still breaking the conventional rules by his recent stunt when he insulted New Mexico’s Governor, Suzan Martinez, who is widely seen as the GOP’s “Golden Child.”

According to the Republicans, Trump made a huge mistake because the conventional Republican slogan states that they need more women and Latino voters to jump on board for them to have a fighting chance against the favourite 2016 presidential election odds, Hillary Clinton.

However, the less favourite 2016 presidential election odds candidate, Donald Trump is trying to tell everyone, including the Republican members that he is not a team player and that he wants to be associated with a losing team.

Additionally, he’s also aware that it will be a waste of time and energy for any Republican to chase the elusive Latino and women voters anyway. To many people, it may seem very crazy that Trump slammed Martinez but just as he’s proved and is continuously proving, his campaign is crazy like a fox.

To many people, the least favourite 2016 presidential election odds nominee is actively chasing the white votes, yet it has always been a tradition that the Republican has always been a white party.

However, what most people forget is that the white voter turnout has always been down in the past few elections, and Trump knows it's his responsibility to bring them to the voting booth come November.

He’s already managed to move them to vote for him in the primaries and what is remaining is the general election. And with the recent Black/White war going on, he seems he’s going to succeed.

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