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Who Will Win The Next Election (Odds)

It is now evident that Donald Trump is going to represent the Republicans in the upcoming US elections, but will he be the next occupant of the Oval office?

The candid businessman had a huge victory in the New York primaries and for the first time since his journey of becoming the next US president, he is heading in the direction of wrapping up his bid of becoming the Republican representative.

His victory in New York saw Trump add this to his past victories in the states of Missouri, Arizona, Florida and Illinois.

Even from some of the bookmakers, it was clear that Donald Trump was going to win the majority of the delegates and votes – but the big question now is whether or not he will be able to win the required delegate numbers of 1,237. 


The Republican nominee odds at Ladbrokes sports bookmaker


Donald Trump’s victory in the state of New York, which was a 35-point victory that was more than the expected win of 30-points, implies that this Republican candidate to have already won more than 70% of the delegates that he is required to have in order to be nominated as the Republican torchbearer in the United States 2016 elections.

Who Will Win The Next Election (Odds)

Trump’s closest competitor as it stands is Mr. Cruz, who by now hasn’t even secured 45% of the candidates that he needs while Mr. Kasich has just secured only 12% of the total 1,237 delegates that he needs.


How has the Republican to be nominee secured his nomination?


Donald Trump has almost 850 delegates of the 1,237 needed. This means that he is short of almost 390 delegates that he needs.

In the next primary election, Trump is set to have around 100 more delegates in the primaries that will be conducted across the North East, where the Democrats have their strongholds. These states include Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland and Connecticut.

Securing this will boost Trump to 950 delegates, and he will edge closer to 1,000 if only 50 of the Pennsylvanian delegates decide to back him. The 50 delegates will not be bound by the outcome of the state’s primary, in which Donald Trump is expected to win. 

It is not yet clear whom they are bound to support, but from speculation, most of them are inclined to vote in Trump's favor if he wins their state.

Om May 3, 2016, there will be the primaries that will decide who will win the Republican nominee. This state is known for awarding its 57 delegates to the statewide winner.

After this state, Donald Trump is required to pick up another number of 50 delegated in due course of May in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Virginia then proceeds to sweep all of New Jersey’s 50 delegates before heading to New Mexico for the 10 delegates.

In the end, he should have a rough number of 1,060, i.e. if he fails to win in the state of Indiana or Philadelphia and rough figures of 1,150 if he happens to bag the delegates.


Who will win the next election odds?


Online betting and might have quasi-legal in the United States, but it hasn’t prevented the various offshore online sports bookies from allowing people to place their bets on the most likely occupant of the oval office. From the stats, most of the bookies are now convinced that it is going to be a two-horse race between Clinton and Trump.

According to the Elections Betting Odds website, Trump has been given a 71% chance of securing the Republican nomination, while Hillary Clinton has an 87% chance of securing the Democratic nomination as the torchbearer. Moreover, she has also been favored to win the general election at 55%.

These figures a certainly better odds than either Trump or Clinton. According to an average of six polls that was conducted by various parties, it was indicated that Trump is leading the Republican nomination with 31% of the total votes while Hillary led the Democrats with a 48% margin, two more points ahead of Bernie Sanders.

In case you are wondering why the figures are in percentage, you will notice that we are talking about polls, which are different from the casino odds. One of the two actively and methodically implores what the registered voters think. The other, casino odds, is usually determined purely on the gambler's instinct.

Therefore, while you might want to choose casino odds with a grain of salt, you need note that paddy power online casino is not the only bookie that is predicting a strong win for Trump in the primary.

Betfair currently has Trump at 5/2 odds for becoming the next occupant of the oval office. Clinton, on the other hand, is still the frontrunner with Betfair backing her at 8/11 odds. Other presidential aspirants include Sanders at odds of 12/1 and Marco Rubio at odds of 6/1.

In case, these odds perplex you, if you decide to stake $100 on Clinton to win according to Betfair, you will have a payout of $172.73 if it comes to pass. If you stake $100 on Trump to win the race, you will have a return of $350.


Big Bets on who will win the next election odds?


In my opinion, I have collected data from around the internet, and I think you might want to hold onto your cash if you really want to make some money from the US political game.

Odds for Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination today are so overwhelming that placing a $100 bet will only earn you a mere $10. Similarly, the same stake on Trump to win the election will see you win a profit of $25.

However, should Trump and Clinton face off in November, the $100 bet on Trump will give you a return of $260 while the same stake on Clinton will return profits of $171.


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