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Politicalbetting com is one of the most trusted political blogs of all time. The site was started in 2004 and has continued to provide up to date information on the happenings of political betting. Unlike other political blogs in Britain, politicalbetting is non-partisan even though Smithson is a liberal democrat.

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This lack of political affiliations has made the blog fair in its comments and opinions on political markets. The blog focuses on political betting opportunities even as the name suggests. It has however taken a broader approach by touching on current political issues since they are the major determinants of the political markets.

If you are looking for information on British politics, Political betting com will never disappoint you. It emphasizes on polls and concentrates majorly on the technical aspects of politics compared to other political blogs.


About Political Betting com


The website is quite popular and a major attraction for many people who write their comments on the posts. Smithson writes up to 3 posts in a day and the numbers can even go higher as the political tides shape up.


It has hundreds of comments from many people and some of them even seem to have minimal or no interest on politics but follow for its wide coverage of the election fortunes and the possible wins and losses for various candidates and their political parties.

Sometimes it is strange to find that the comments have no relationship to the parent post but are just discussions that erupt from the comments of others. The site www political betting com can garner up to over 30,000 words in a day while there are blogs that struggle to get a single comment. Well it is all about the relevance!

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The website www concentrates on the big super power politics mainly American and British politics though Smithson can touch on Australian and Japanese elections as well as other election events in Europe and the Commonwealth countries.

The blog has remained relevant and has major successes such as the Barrack Obama win in the US presidential election. Political betting and the odds have become the new polls.

The blog, politicalbetting utilizes the wisdom and understanding of people who can place their money where their judgments lie and this closeness to the heart makes their predictions and opinions correct. The focus of the blog on political betting and not just politics seems to be behind its success.

Politics can be boring but the money involved in correct predictions on political bets makes political betting com the love of many, across Britain and America and to the world. Whenever hints on something no matter how irrelevant it may seem, the political gamblers must listen.


Advantages of Politicalbetting com


The blog is one of the most trusted sources on political betting. It is very reputable and boasts of various successes in the political scene hence one has something to base its credibility on.

Secondly Smithson has given the blog a non partisan approach despite his political affiliation. This has made it suitable for all people regardless of the political party making it very popular unlike other blogs in the country.

Political Betting com

Also, the blog has been in existence for a very long time and has been able to build a very good reputation for itself. This has attracted high profile followers like politicians and aspirants for various seats. The posts have always been a trigger for very hot political discussions where important matters can be touched on.

Many followers of the blog use it as an opportunity to air their views on the running of the country and this could pass messages to the leaders. Hence the blog has built a channel of information between the electorates and the leaders.

Smithson has also made efforts to put several posts in a day and this touches on a lot of election matters that can be used by gamblers to predict the winners. This has significantly boosted the number of followers therefore providing a forum for healthy discussions.

Lastly, the comments made by Smithson are often correct and this is supported by his success rates. The Obama election in 2008 is one of his biggest achievements and many others. This makes it very trusted.

In addition, he has gone ahead to write about politics in a number of countries therefore attracting many people from diverse backgrounds hence www political betting com is more than just a British blog.


Disadvantages of Political Betting com


Despite its many achievements and successes, the site has some shortcomings. As much as the pros tend to overcome the cons for this one, they are still valid and have an impact on the blog’s credibility.

Firstly, the author of the posts is a liberal democrat hence the non partisan approach has always been questionable. There are instances where the blog has shown instances of bias which have lowered its claims of being non partisan.

Also, it advertises political betting a bit too much and this is not well appreciated by all the readers. Political betting has often been associated with election malpractices such as corruption since it adds more reason to the urge to win.

PoliticalBetting com

The website has also built its reputation so much leading to the perception that it is always right. However, that is not true since it has its fair share of wrong predictions and opinions. The blog also depends on polls and other political tidings which can also be wrong or their interpretations may be wrongly perceived.

Comments, opinions, political rallies and debates between the aspirants can lead to very drastic changes to the political wave hence no one can ever be totally right or wrong.

The site politicalbetting is a gift to political gamblers. It provides all the necessary information to have a successful political betting streak. Its successes precede it and any successful person in the world of gambling should use it as a weapon. The odds are always right therefore choose for an epic gambling experience.


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