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UK Political Betting Odds

The widespread popularity of gambling and betting in the United Kingdom is indescribable to say the least. People in the UK love to place bets on just about everything. This is the reason why there are so many online gambling or betting sites in the UK.

Ladbrokes Political Betting Odds

Most of these sites cater to the fanatic sports fans that simply cannot resist the idea of putting their money at stake by betting on their favourite sports teams. As passionate as the sports bettors are, there is nothing that quite compares to the intensity of the political betting scene in the United Kingdom.


Political Betting Culture in the UK


Politics is deeply embedded in the British culture. People in England salivate at the prospect of hot, trending and controversial political events that they can discuss, dissect and analyze.

In Britain, the general masses have very strong opinions about politics and do not need a second invitation to voice their thoughts and ideologies concerning British politics. People particularly take great pleasure and find great amusement in forecasting and predicting important political events.

Anyone who has the slightest bit of interest in the field of British politics will have no problem in stating exactly who will come out victorious in the next general election. Such is the confidence with which people in the United Kingdom come up with predictions about politics.

As a result, political betting or betting on major or minor political events has become a rather popular hobby in the UK. In fact, this hobby which is shared by hundreds and thousands of British men and woman is today considered to be a hugely important part of the UK gambling industry.


Features of Political Betting


Political betting is taken very seriously in the UK and there are hundreds of businesses, some of which are online, that are making good money out of it. In the UK, people who bet on politics are often referred to as punters.

UK Political Betting Odds

The websites which offer political betting allow their punters to bet on what political party will win the constituency or bet on the person who is in line to become the next party leader.

In addition to these, bettors also have the opportunity to correctly predict who will the next general election and consequently win massive cash prizes on their correct predictions. As a matter of fact, betting on the next general election is the most appetizing aspect of political betting in UK.


Ease of Political Betting and Associated Rewards


As mentioned before, there are plenty of political betting establishments in the UK which facilitate political betting for the general people who are not aligned with politics themselves.

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Since most of these businesses run online or have a provision for online political betting, it becomes even easier for the average Joe in the UK to get involved with political betting.

It does not usually cost a fortunate for people to get started with political betting and depending on what’s at stake and the kind of political event that is being bet on, the winnings can be quite handsome and extravagant.


Relationship Between UK Politics and Political Betting


The political betting scene in the UK is currently creating waves around the world in the light of recent and upcoming political events. In fact, the betting has never been more intriguing as it is now.

With an increasing number of people signing up to place bets on their favoured candidates and political parties, it seems that the next general election will be one that gets hundreds and thousands of people introduced to the world of political betting.

In other words, the excitement heading into the next general election has already spread over to the political betting scene. People are putting a lot on the line for politicians and parties that they believe are going to come out on the winning end of the elections.


Importance of Political Betting Data and Sources of Political Betting Data


Political betting in the United Kingdom is based less on gambling and more on well calculated assumptions.

Bettors are required to go through tons of statistical data collected from surveys and reports conducted by organizations monitoring political activity and popularity. With this data in hand, the betters can be in a far better position to predict the outcome of important political events.

UK Political Betting

One of the best ways for political bettors to stay updated on recent political news is heading over to the numerous websites in UK which offer political betting services as they contain invaluable information about politics that can be used to be more successful with political betting endeavours.

Websites such as Politicalbetting have great politics based blogs in store along with other incredible resources for betting on politics.

Websites which provide sports betting, online casinos and poker services are also known to have a little section for political betting for those bettors who can’t seem stay detached from the world of UK politics.


Political Betting Odds


There are plenty of websites in the UK which offer detailed information on political betting odds. By looking at the odds, bettors have a much clearer idea of the politicians and the political parties which are leading the race for the elections.

The following are the betting odds for some of the most popular categories of political betting in the UK.


Next Labour Leading Betting Odds

  • Jeremy Corbyn - 3/10
  • Andy Burnham - 4
  • Yvette Cooper - 7
  • Liz Kendall - 50

Next Conservative Leader Betting Odds

  • George Osborne - 7/4
  • Boris Johnson - 4
  • Theresa May - 8
  • Sajid Javid - 13/2

Next Prime Minister Betting Odds

  • George Osborne - 5/2
  • Boris Johnson - 11/4
  • Jeremy Corbyn - 9
  • Theresa May - 7


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